Lee, Choul-gyu

BA at Korean Painting Department in Wooseok University

MA at Korean Painting Department in Hongik University



1996 Youth Art Award

1995 Award in Korea Youth Art Festival

Solo Exhibitions

ㆍ2013 The 18th Invited Solo Exhibition(Gongyu Gallery, Jeonju)

ㆍ2013 The 17th Solo Exhibition(Insa Art Center, Seoul)

ㆍ2012 The 16th Invited Exhibition(Baekun Gallery, Seoul)

ㆍ2011 The 15th Invited Exhibition(Epoque Gallery, Seoul)

ㆍ2011 The 14th Invited Exhibition(CASA di LAGO, Kunsan)

ㆍ2010 The 13th Solo Exhibition(Insa Art Center, Seoul)

ㆍ2008 The 12th Solo Exhibition(Kyodong Art Center, Jeonju)

ㆍ2002 The 11th Solo Exhibition02!MANIF Exhibition (Hangaram museum at Art center, Seoul)

ㆍ2002 The 10th Solo Exhibition (Gallery Seosin, Jeonju)

ㆍ2001 The 9th Invited Exhibition (Choi, Jekak Children's Hospital Gallery, Gunsan)

ㆍ2001 The 8th Invited Exhibition Exhibition (Gallery ANNEX, Houston-US)

ㆍ2000 The 7th Invited Exhibition  Exhibition (Library at Wonkwang University, Iksan)

ㆍ1998 The 6th Solo Exhibition (Culture Promotion Institute Art Center, Seoul)

ㆍ1996 The 5th Invited Solo Exhibition for the Prizewinner in Jeonbuk  Youth Art Award (Gallery Ul, Jeonju)

ㆍ1995 The 4th Invited Exhibition for the Prizewinner in Korea Youth Art Festival-(Gallery DongA)

ㆍ1994 The 3rd  Exhibition (Ujin Art Center, Jeonju)

ㆍ1992 The 2nd Solo Exhibition (Gallery Ul, Jeonju)

ㆍ1991 The 1st Solo Exhibition (Kwanhoon Arts Club, Seoul)



ㆍWoo-jin Youth artists Exhibition(Woo-jin Culture Space, Jeonju)

ㆍBusan Art Show(BEXCO, Busan)

ㆍEUNIQUE Crafts and Design Fair(MESSE, Karlsruhe Germany )

ㆍART Karlsruhe(MESSE, Karlsruhe Germany)

ㆍExhibition Revitalizing the Hanji Traditional(Tenri Gallery, New York)



ㆍWoo-jin Youth artists Exhibition(Woo-jin Culture Space, Jeonju)

ㆍFuture-Oriented Korean Painting Exhibition(Beokgolje Art Studio, Kimje)

ㆍMountains and WatersㆍScenery Invited Exhibition (Gallery Miru, Jeonju)

ㆍKIAF-Korea Internationl Art Fair(COEX, Seoul Korea)

ㆍWoo-jin Youth artists Exhibition(Woo-jin Culture Space, Jeonju)

ㆍEUNIQUE Crafts and Design Fair(MESSE, Karlsruhe Germany )

ㆍART Karlsruhe(MESSE, Karlsruhe Germany)

ㆍDaegu Art Fair(EXCO, Daegu)

ㆍBusan Art Show(BEXCO, Busan)


ㆍInternational Modern Fine Arts〈Time〉Exhibition(Bes Gallery, Newyork)

ㆍEUNIQUE Crafts and Design Fair(MESSE, Karlsruhe Germany )

ㆍPortrait Exhibition(Gallery Seosin, Jeonju)

ㆍART Karlsruhe(MESSE, Karlsruhe Germany )

ㆍWoo-jin Youth artists Exhibition(Woo-jin Culture Space, Jeonju)

ㆍKIAF(KOAX, Seoul Korea)


ㆍKorean Drawing 50 Years Exhibition(Hangaram museum at Art center, Seoul)

ㆍASIAF(KOAX, Seoul Korea)

ㆍAAF Singapore(F1 Pit BD, Singapore)

ㆍKIAF(KOAX, Seoul Korea)

ㆍART Karlsruhe(MESSE, Karlsruhe Germany)

ㆍEUNIQUE Crafts and Design Fair(MESSE, Karlsruhe Germany )

ㆍChae, YongShin and Korean’s Portrait Art (Jeonbuk Province Art Museum, Jeonju)



ㆍDong-Yi Group 10th Beautiful JeonBuk Province(Jeonbuk Province Art    Museum, Jeonju)

ㆍART FAIR21(Sutaatenhaus, Cologne Germany)

ㆍHongkong hotel art Fair(Mandalin hotel , Hongkong)

ㆍSanghai Art Fair(Sanghai Mart Art Fair Korea Pavillion, Sanghai China)

ㆍEX-Hodos Standing at Gate(GalleryHwain, Pusan)

ㆍEnvironment Project 2011-"Art For The Sustainable"(Bumi Art Haill, Busan)

ㆍKorean Painting-Standing Old Yard(Arts Center Hangaram Museum, Seoul)

ㆍPaper Works-New Groping (Hanji Industry Support Center, Jeonju)

ㆍJeonBuk Fine Arts Group (GyoDong Art Center, Jeonju)

ㆍKoreaㆍChina Invited Exhibition of Modern Painting(Jeonbuk Province Art Museum, Jeonju)



ㆍComtemporary Fine Art, A Hundred Artists Various Colors Exhibition(Sori Arts Center, Jeonju)

ㆍParer Works- New Search Exhibition(Hanji Museum, Jeonju)

ㆍKorea-China Comtemporary Fine Arts Artists Exhibition(Korean Cultural Service,Shanghai China)

ㆍJeonbuk Fine Arts-A millennium's Flight Exhibition(Jeonbuk Province Art Museum, Jeonju)

ㆍYongDamho Art Museum Opening Exhibition(YongDamho Art Museum, Jinan)

ㆍSopung Exhibition(Jeonju citizen Gallery, Jeonju)

ㆍSuncheon-Bay International Environment Art Fair(Suncheon-Bay Special Pavilion, Suncheon)



ㆍThe 11th China Shanghai International Arts Festival. Korea Week(Life Centre Contemporary Art Museum, Sanghai China)

ㆍFeelings intensive Diverse Colors Exhibition(PARK's Gallery,  Jeonju)

ㆍLife, Brush Stroke, Shape Exhibition(Woojin Culture Space, Jeonju)

ㆍZen room, Painting's room Exhibition(Hyundai Gallery, Iksan)

ㆍLight and Fragrant of Hanji Exhibition(Coa outlet Pavilion,  Jeonju)

ㆍWoomuk Group Exhibition(Jeonbuk Art Centre, Joenju)

ㆍWave of A millennium Jeonju Exhibition(Sori Arts Center,  Jeonju)



ㆍPainting Great Festival-Asiad Korea Incheon Exhibition (Incheon Culture & Art Center)  

ㆍHanji Modeling Exhibition(Jeonju Hanji Museum, Jeonju)

ㆍJeobuk's Hope, Art Fair of Love People, Kyodong's Story Exhibition (Kyodong Art Center, Jeonju)

ㆍSpring-Love Exhibition (Jeonbuk Art Center, Jeonju)



ㆍEnd of Baekdoo Mountains, Mt. Jiri Exhibition (Jeonbuk Province Art Museum, Jeonju)

ㆍPainting Association Exhibition (Minchon Art Center, Jeonju)

ㆍTime and Space Association Exhibition (Munhwa-Ilbo Gallery, Seoul)

ㆍExhibition (Gallery Space Morning, Seoul)

ㆍKey-Opening Millennium Exhibition (Jeonbuk Art Center, Jeonju)

ㆍ4+7 Exhibition (Jeonju Gallery Seoshin, Jeonju)

ㆍSoori Soori Jeonju (Jeonjucheon Riverside, Jeonju)



ㆍMeeting of Snagso and Siga Exhibition(Gallery Okkwa in Jeonnam, Okkwa)

ㆍDang Gu Pung weol Exhibition -Dogs can learn letters in 3 years-Exhibition(Gongpyeong Art Center)

ㆍMuteness Exhibition (Jeonbuk Art Center, Jeonju)

ㆍKorean Art - 120 Minds Exhibition (Gallery Tablo, Seoul)

ㆍKorean beauty 100Artists Exhibition (Namson Art Museum, Kapyeong)

ㆍHanjiㆍHwaji Exhibition (Kanajawa Izmiya Library, Kanajawa-Japan)

ㆍWon Buddist Art Festival (Sori Cultural Arts Center, Jeonju)

ㆍThree People-Lee, Chol Ryang, Um, Ki Seok, Lee, Choul Gyu-Invited Exhibition for the 4th Opening Celebration of Jeonju Ye Dental    Clinic (Gallery at Ye Cental

    Clinic, Jeonju)

ㆍDok Island-Dokdo Exhibition (Jeonbuk Province Arts Center, Jeonju)



ㆍModern Korean Painting, Today and Tomorrow Exhibition(Ihyeong Art Center, Seoul)

ㆍHanji-New Searching Exhibition (Jeonju Artifacts Pavilion, Jeonju)

ㆍModern Korean Painting Exhibition with 33 People (Ubong Art Museum, Daegu)

ㆍOh! Dok Island Exhibition (Korea Sori Cultural Arts Center, Seoul)

ㆍModern Art Festival of Korea and Japan (Kumho Art Museum, Seoul)

ㆍEast Direction, Korean Art Aspect Exhibition(Modern Art Hall in China Seoan Art Academy, Seoan; China)

ㆍHyeong Woo-Spring, Lee, Choul Gyu-Correspondence Exhibition(Okkwa Art Museum, Okkwa)

ㆍBlack Color- Permeating and Brush Touching Exhibition (Art in Ori, Busan)

ㆍPainting Of Mt.Moak Exhibition (Jeonbuk Province Arts Museum,  Jeonju)

ㆍFive Acts Of Pan Sori Expressed through Fine Art (Around  KyeongKiJeon, Jeonju)



ㆍMountainㆍMoak-Opening Exhibition for Jeonbuk Province Arts Center Exhibition (Jeonbuk Province Arts Museum, Jeonju)

ㆍLee, Jae Seung and Lee, Choul Gyu Joint Exhibition (Gallery Owon, DaeJeon)

ㆍKorean Environmental Arts Expo (Koex Conventional Hall, Seoul)

ㆍKorean Religion Art Festival (Hangaram Gallery at Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)



ㆍOngoul-Jeonju city-Youth Arts Exhibition (Gallery Seoul, Seoul)

ㆍIndia Ink Painting Kiwoon-Soul Harmony- Exhibition(Yeongkwang  Books Gallery, Busan)

ㆍExhibition for Local Artists (Jinan Literary Center, Jinan)

ㆍKorean Contemporary Art Exhibition (Modern Art Hall in China Seoan Art Academy, China)

ㆍExchange Exhibition Between Korea and China (Tongyeon Municipal Museum,China)

ㆍKoreaㆍMongolia Arts Exchange Exhibition (Jeonbuk Students Hall, Jeonju)

ㆍExhibition for the 100th Anniversary of Korean Immigration in  America (Washington, US)

ㆍJeonBuk's Nature and Generation Exhibition (Jeonbuk Art Center,  Jeonju)

ㆍSceneryㆍMountains and WatersㆍScenery Exhibition (Busan Municipal Arts Center, Busan)



ㆍ100th Anniversary Exhibitionfor Opening Gongpyeong Art Center (Gongpyeong Art Center, Jeonju)

ㆍExpansion and Harmony of Variety Exhibition (Gongpyeong Art Center, Jeonju)

ㆍExhibition of the 21st Korean Painting Artists (Sunggyunkwan University Museum, Seoul)

ㆍSearching Museum Exhibition (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seungdal Culture& Art Hall)



ㆍKorean Painting Exchange Exhibition Between Jeonbuk and Busan (Keumjeong Culture Hall, Busan; Jeonbuk National University Cultural Center, Jeonju)

ㆍYouth Artists Arts Festival (Seoul Municipal Art Museum, Seoul)

ㆍExhibition for Opening of  (Sori Cultural Arts Center(Sori Cultural  Arts Center)

ㆍMillenium WonMi Invited Exhibition (Republic of Soth Africa, Swaziland Propagation Center)

ㆍExhibition for Friendship Between Korea and China Artists (Jeonbuk Art Center, Jeonju)

ㆍArtists Exhibition from YoungNam and HoNam (Kimchon Culture&Arts Hall, Kimchon)



ㆍMillenium Korean Painting-Estimation and Prospect (Gongpyeong Art Center, Seoul)

ㆍPaintings and Writings' Special Exhibition for Sydney Olympic Anniversary (Sydney ABC Broadcasting Station, Australia)

ㆍ770 Ri(308 Km) Exhibition (POSCO Culture Gallery, Pohang)

ㆍKorean Painting Festival (Nation Jeonju Museum, Jeonju)

ㆍPamphlets Exhibition on Settlement and Unsettlement in the New Century(Gallery Seosin, Jeonju)



ㆍPeople Three Color Exhibition (Gongpyeong Art Center, Seoul)

ㆍMind Exhibition for Opening the 21st Century (Gallery Jongro, Seoul)

ㆍExhibition of Keumkang Mountain Sketchy (Gongpyeong Art Center, Seoul)

ㆍArt Fair in Kangwon International Tourist EXPO (Culture&Arts Display Room at Kangwon International Tourist EXPO, Kangneung)



ㆍExhibition of Korean Painting in Transition Era-Reflection and Consciousness(Gongpyeong Art Center, Seoul)

ㆍInvited Exhibition of Korea Contemporary Artists (Seoul Municipal Art Museum,Seoul)

ㆍExhibition for MBC Midium Standing Artists (National Jeonju Museum,  Jeonju)

ㆍSeoul Contemporary Arts Festival (Seoul Municipal Art Museum, Seoul)

ㆍHan River-Flag Exhibition(Han River Citizen Park, Seoul)



ㆍSearching for the beauty of Korea' Exhibition(Savina Gallery, Seoul)

ㆍSeoul Contemporary Arts Festival (Seoul Municipal Art Museum, Seoul)

ㆍKorea Paintings-Recovery of Homogeneity Exhibition(Woonhyon Palace Art Museum, Seoul)  

ㆍYouth Age Exhibition(Hanjeon Gallery, Seoul)

Collect in

Jeonbuk Province Arts Center, Gyeongnam Art Museum, Arts Bank at National Museum of Contemporary Art, Jeonju Historical Museum, Sungkyunkwan University Museum, Baekun Gallery